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Antibiotics use in The Gambia

Inappropriate use of antibiotics is a common problem worldwide especially in developing countries, where it could partly be due to the high rate of infectious diseases and deficiencies in laboratory services. Data on inappropriate antibiotic use in those countries is less readily available when compared to industrialized countries. Therefore, we aim to investigate the extent and possible causes of inappropriate antibiotic use in The Gambia and assess the similarities with other developing countries. This work can help to find possible interventional measures to improve the problem.

The project consists of three components: an assessment of the knowledge, attitude, and practice (KAP) of Gambian health practitioners towards antibiotic prescription and microbiological testing; a systematic review to assess KAP of health practitioners in developing countries, to be able to compare similarities to our results from the Gambia; and an analysis of paediatric inpatient data on antibiotic use in a teaching hospital in The Gambia, to be able to assess the actual usage of antibiotics in the Gambia, as a typical developing country.

PhD Student involved

Mr Pa Saidou Chaw, since August 2017 University of Halle (PhD Programme “Epidemiology”)


Institut für Medizinische Epidemiologie, Biometrie und Informatik, Universität Halle (Prof. Dr. Rafael Mikolajczyk; since August 2017)

Funding agencies

Goverment of the Gambia
HZI – Helmholtz Centre for Infection Research

Previous allocation

This project was initiated by the group "Epidemiological and Statistical Methods" and lead by Prof. Dr. Rafael Mikolajczyk until July 2017.

Project Leader

Prof. Dr. Rafael Mikolajczyk (Institut für Medizinische Epidemiologie, Biometrie und Informatik, Universität Halle)


Funding agency

HZI - Helmholtz Centre for Infection Research

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