Cooperation with numerous institutes, research groups and industry shapes science at the Helmholtz Centre for Infection Research. With these networks and partners we guarantee best science and technology transfer.

Transfer of Technology

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At HZI, the transfer of research findings to medical and pharmaceutical application plays a crucial role. The goal is not only to promote scientific exchange but also to pave the way for commercial application and implementation of new research findings. Therefore, the center is committed to sustainable technology transfer to third parties, including small- and medium-sized enterprises as well as industry. HZI is free to decide at any time during the exploitation process how to utilize its research and may give preference to non-commercial exploitation, for example through publications or scientific workshops.

The products emerging from HZI’s research include compounds for treatment of and protection against infections as well as novel diagnostic methods and digital tools, e.g., apps, for infection control and prevention.

Close cooperation with industry provides an excellent prospect for the rapid transfer of e.g. drug candidates invented at HZI to medical applications. As a prominent example, HZI has recently entered into a strategic cooperation with the drug discovery alliance company Evotec SE  to accelerate the development of innovative drug candidates against multidrug-resistant Gram-negative pathogens.

The technology transfer strategy of HZI is designed to achieve a high degree of so-called “technology readiness levels” (TRL), making our products as attractive as possible for industrial partnerships.

To identify and promote promising projects with a high potential for innovation, HZI has established a “Technology Development Board” (TDB) consisting of internal and external experts.


HZI has established a structured process for professional technology transfer , including consulting and support by an external technology transfer partner, the Ascenion GmbH. Internally the process of technology transfer is managed by Dr Christiane Kügler-Walkemeyer (Head of Legal Dept.). The contact persons for Ascenion on site are Dr Sabina Heim and Dr Petra Köhler. They are available for all employees of the HZI in matters of patent protection and exploitation. They work closely together with Dagmar Meseke from the patent office at the HZI.

Ascenion GmbH also helps out with the foundation of startups (known as “spin-offs”). HZI pursues a start-up-optimized policy and offers educational workshops (e.g., TRAIN Academy) and management support to lower the hurdles for potential founders.

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