Cooperations with numerous institutes, research groups and industry shapes science at the Helmholtz Centre for Infection Research. With these networks and partners we guarantee best science and technology transfer.

Technology transfer

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At HZI, technology transfer plays an important role. The goal is not only to pro¬mote a forum for scientific exchange but also to pave the way for commercial application and implementation of new research findings.

There are a few different positions and places involved in the process of technology transfer. One of them is Dr Christiane Kügler-Walkemeyer (law and liscences), the legal advisor at the HZI, who commissioned to deal with technology transfer by the management of the HZI.

The HZI itself holds the intellectual property rights and is the contractual partner of the individual licensees. By this, the HZI can freely decided how to utilize its research and can thus also decide against using its research commercially, in favour of publishing something or using it for scientific workshops. 

The HZI has also partnered with Ascenion GmbH, an intellectual property asset management company, which operates at the interface between academic research and in-dustrial development. Ascenion has been tasked with the professional utilisation of all scientific research findings, discoveries, and technologies generated at HZI, at twenty-four of the Helmholtz and Leibniz associations’ satellite life science research centers, and at the Hanover Medical School. In this capacity, Ascenion is concerned, among other things, with patent potential and with all new discoveries’ economic feasibility, while at the same time helping HZI safeguard its intellectual property generated in collaboration with third parties. Ascenion GmbH also helps out with starting startups (known as “spin-offs”) by its partner research institutes.

On site, Dr Sabina Heim and Dr Petra Köhler are the contact persons for Ascenion. They are available for all employees of the HZI and will try to work out the right concept for them. They work closely with Dagmar Meseke from the patent office at the HZI. 

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