Cooperation with numerous institutes, research groups and industry shapes science at the Helmholtz Centre for Infection Research. With these networks and partners we guarantee best technology and knowledge transfer.

German Center for Infection Research

Gaining new insights into pathogens and thus developing novel strategies against them is the central task of the "German Center for Infection Research" (DZIF). The initiative of the German Ministry of Education and Research comprises several partners from academic and non-academic research.

The Hannover-Braunschweig site is represented in the DZIF not only by the Helmholtz Centre for Infection Research, where the joint DZIF main office is located, but also by Hannover Medical School (MHH), the University of Veterinary Medicine Hannover (TiHo), the Technische Universität Braunschweig, the German Collection of Microorganisms and Cell Cultures (DSMZ) and the Twincore,  Centre for Experimental and Clinical Infection Research.

Locations of the DZIF

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