Background information about HZI

How do bacteria and viruses make us sick? How does our immune system defend our body? Which novel pharmaceutical compounds can help us to fight dangerous infections? These are questions we at the HZI want to answer. Our goal: To set up the basis for new diagnostic tools, new drugs and new therapies against infectious diseases.

Research Topics

The single research projects of the HZI are assigned to the three topics within the research programme:

An intensive contact and exchange between the different topics, in particular in the context of defined Research Foci addressing specific problems of clinical relevance, secures the programme’s success.

The research topics are supported by state-of-the-art research facilities. These facilities provide both the scientists at HZI and the larger infection research community with access to cutting-edge technologies.

    Topic Interactions

    To tackle specific challenges of high clinical and societal relevance, HZI has established so-called Research Foci (RF). Their main purpose is to integrate individual expertise at HZI and its cooperation partners and to make it available in each of the three topics. The concept of Research Foci also offers the flexibility to rapidly adapt our research programme to future challenges.

      Currently, researchers at HZI and its partner institutions cooperate in five Research Foci addressing the clinically relevant fields of

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