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For many years the InFact has been the staff magazine of the Helmholtz Centre for Infection Research and has been an integral part of the internal communication. Since 2017, the magazine is also available on the HZI homepage for everyone who is interested. In reports, interviews and portraits, HZI employees inform about research projects, the research strategy and the people at the various HZI locations. Have fun reading the InFact!


Dear readers,

pathogens that have become resistant to various antibiotics have been very present in the media lately and always cause great anxiety. The treatment of these pathogens is becoming increasingly difficult due to the lack of effective medications. This means that even harmless infections, for example small wounds, may soon turn harmful again. To make sure that this scenario does not come true, there is an urgent need for new classes of antibiotics – and alternative agents that do not force the development of resistance. Our cover story examines up-to-date research approaches and the present status of the race against resistant pathogens.

Searching for new agents against infections, scientists in Saarland are asking the populace for help: In the scope of a citizen science project, they are distributing sets for the collection of soil samples, which they then check for new species of soil bacteria. These microorganisms produce substances with an antibacterial and antiviral effect. Read about the project from page 8.

I look forward to your suggestions and I wish you pleasant reading!

Andreas Fischer

Issue No. 01/2019

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