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You need some press pictures for your publication? Here you can find a selection of scientific pictures related to infection research and moreover some campus pictures. Please read the conditions to use this material free of charge.

Press pictures & image download

On this page you find a selection of our scientific pictures. We are happy to provide this material free of charge.

Scientific Images

Scientists in Laboratory

Working in the S3 laboratory

Campus in Braunschweig


The rights on all pictures belong to the Helmholtz Centre for Infection Research, unless indicated. You may use this content free of charge in press and media, for your personal information or for educational purposes:Please cite HZI as the source of these pictures. Examples: "Picture: HZI", Pictures: HZI", "Copyright: HZI". 

Usage differing from the above mentioned purposes or for commercial purposes is not allowed without consent from HZI. If you would like to use content for commercial purposes (e.g. advertisement), please contact the Public Relations Department of the HZI. In this case we will need written information about your project (via email or fax) and a sample copy. We will then decide whether the HZI can provide the picture in question. Please send an email to presse(at)

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