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Image Brochure HZI

The HZI is Germany’s largest government research institution addressing the global challenges posed by infectious diseases. The results of fundamental research have to be transferred quickly and systematically into clinical applications which can come to the patient’s benefit. This also reduces substantial costs to society caused by infections. This brochure gives you an overview of the most important research approaches. [read more]

Image Brochure Helmholtz Institute for Pharmaceutial Research Saarland

Infection research in particular faces major new challenges. These include poverty-related and chronic infectious diseases as well as previously unknown pathogens which are spreading rapidly . The antibiotic resistance of dangerous bacteria results in hospitals facing major challenges especially when performing vital surgery. The HIPS is taking up the challenge of discovering new active agents against resistant microbes.
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Strategic Roadmap HZI

This roadmap, HZI 2025, shows how the HZI, with its translational focus, will help to facilitate a faster and more targeted approach when it comes to fighting and preventing existing, emerging or recurring infectious diseases. Its aim is to keep pace with the rapidly evolving pathogens and thereby create the preconditions for a significant reduction of the disease burden caused by infections. [read more]

Research Report 2020/2021

In this report, you can find out more about the scientific results of the HZI in the research topics ”Bacterial and Viral Pathogens”, “Immune Response and Interventions” and “Anti-Infectives”.
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More reports you can find here.

Guideline Sustainability

With its research the Helmholtz Association contributes to the contents of the Agenda 2030 adopted by the United Nations. In the guideline you find the goals and measures for the sustainable development of the Helmholtz Association.

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HZI magazine "InFact"

HZI employees inform about research projects, the research strategy and the people at the various HZI locations. Here you can find recent issues.

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