Research Awards

PhD Award

In 2017 Dr. Tobias Bock and Dr. Islam Ahmed Mohamed El-Awaad received the PhD Award.

The Friends of the Helmholtz Centre for Infection Research (HZI) donate a PhD Award in order to support young scientists. The award honours excellent PhD theses from the field of life sciences that have been completed at a partner  university of the HZI.

The PhD Award is endowed with 1.000 Euros and is presented during the Inhoffen Lecture, which takes place once a year.

This year's winners are:

  • Dr Tobias Bock, HZI Braunschweig
  • Dr Islam Ahmed Mohamed El-Awaad, TU Braunschweig

Award Winners

  • 2017  Dr Tobias Bock, Dr Islam Ahmed Mohamed El-Awaad
  • 2016  Dr Stephanie Pfänder, Dr Eric Kuhnert
  • 2015  Dr Michaela Annemann, Dr Michael Storz
  • 2014  Dr Stefanie Kristin Wöhl-Bruhn, Dr Christian A. Citron
  • 2013  Dr Cornelia Chizzali, Dr Christian Mayer
  • 2012  Dr Christina Ziegler, Dr Nick Quade
  • 2011  Dr Julia Bitzegeio, Dr Leonor da Gama Cavalho Norton
  • 2010  Dr Judith Becker, Dr Jan Hänisch
  • 2009  Dr Jacek Puchalka
  • 2008  Dr Thomas Wollert, Dr Pablo Becker
  • 2007  Dr Roland Adden, Dr Raimo Franke
  • 2006  Dr Silke Wenzel, Dr Annika Steffen
  • 2005  Dr Oliver Goldmann, Dr Jibin Sun
  • 2003  Dr Simone Bergmann, Dr Philipp Hartmann
  • 2002  Dr Nicole Glaser, Dr Edelweiß Markworth, Dr Andreas Toman
  • 2001  Dr Oliver Pabst, Dr Stefan Hüttelmaier
  • 2000  Dr Armin Bauer, Dr Ursula Deiters
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