Research Awards

PhD Award

The Friends of the HZI donate yearly two PhD Awards in order to support young scientists. The awards honour excellent PhD theses from the field of life sciences at a partner university of the HZI.

The PhD Award is endowed with 1.000 Euros, each, and is presented during the Hans Herloff Inhoffen Lecture, which takes place once a year.

The next PhD Award will take place on May 17, 2018, from 3 – 5:30 pm.

Venue: Technical University Braunschweig (Aula,  Haus der Wissenschaft)

This year’s award winners for PhD theses completed in 2017 are:

Ms. Dr Frieda Kage, Technische Universität Braunschweig
Mr. Dr Daniel Todt, TWINCORE, Hannover

Award Winners

  • 2018  Dr Frieda Kage, Dr Daniel Todt
  • 2017  Dr Tobias Bock, Dr Islam Ahmed Mohamed El-Awaad
  • 2016  Dr Stephanie Pfänder, Dr Eric Kuhnert
  • 2015  Dr Michaela Annemann, Dr Michael Storz
  • 2014  Dr Stefanie Kristin Wöhl-Bruhn, Dr Christian A. Citron
  • 2013  Dr Cornelia Chizzali, Dr Christian Mayer
  • 2012  Dr Christina Ziegler, Dr Nick Quade
  • 2011  Dr Julia Bitzegeio, Dr Leonor da Gama Cavalho Norton
  • 2010  Dr Judith Becker, Dr Jan Hänisch
  • 2009  Dr Jacek Puchalka
  • 2008  Dr Thomas Wollert, Dr Pablo Becker
  • 2007  Dr Roland Adden, Dr Raimo Franke
  • 2006  Dr Silke Wenzel, Dr Annika Steffen
  • 2005  Dr Oliver Goldmann, Dr Jibin Sun
  • 2003  Dr Simone Bergmann, Dr Philipp Hartmann
  • 2002  Dr Nicole Glaser, Dr Edelweiß Markworth, Dr Andreas Toman
  • 2001  Dr Oliver Pabst, Dr Stefan Hüttelmaier
  • 2000  Dr Armin Bauer, Dr Ursula Deiters
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