Mahavir Singh receives Arts and Air Award

Society “Stimme für die Menschlichkeit” honours HZI scientist

Portrait Prof. SinghHelmholtz-HZI/Heinz GramannPortrait Prof. Singh On 20 November Prof Mahavir Singh received the Arts and Air Award. With this prize the society “Stimme für die Menschlichkeit” honours people who promote free thinking and free breathing in the world through their work. 

Singh receives it for his research on tuberculosis – a disease that was believed to be almost eradicated but is now on the rise again. “The living conditions in certain regions of the world – especially in Africa and Asia – are a huge problem,” says Singh. “More and more people living together in a confined space mean ideal conditions for the transmission of a pathogen like Mycobacterium tuberculosis, which causes the lung disease.”

In recent years, Singh and his colleagues have contributed to a better understanding and more knowledge about the diagnosis and therapy of the disease - Contributions he is now honoured for. “Because of his research patients regain their ability to breath,” the society reasons his nomination.

More information about the award can be found here.

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