Helmholtz International Fellow Award for Lorne Babiuk

Helmholtz Association honours Canadian immunologist

Portrait von Lorne A. Babiuk© University of AlbertaOn Wednesday, the vaccine researcher Prof. Lorne A. Babiuk was appointed "Helmholtz International Fellow" by the Helmholtz Association of German Research Centres in Berlin. He had been nominated by the Helmholtz Centre for Infection Research (HZI) in Braunschweig. The prize money of 20 000 € is intended to intensify Babiuk's cooperation with the HZI. The vice president of the University of Alberta already maintains a close relationship with the Helmholtz Association and the HZI through a transatlantic cooperation of Canadian and German infection researchers in the framework of the "Helmholtz-Alberta Initiative".

The Helmholtz International Fellow Award was established last year, Babiuk is one of the first awardees. With this prize, the Helmholtz Association honours up to 15 scientists each year that are working abroad in of the research fields of the Helmholtz Association. "The awards allow us to work with experienced researchers from all over the world. Their wealth of experience enriches our research activities. What’s more, these researchers serve as ambassadors promoting cooperation between their country of origin and the Helmholtz Association," said Prof. Jürgen Mlynek, the association’s president.

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