A new Knowledge Website for Infection Research

„infection-research.de“ covers the latest research developments

From antibiotic resistance to zoonotic diseases, from the developing to the developed world, infectious disease remains a profound health threat. Stay abreast of the latest research in infection at the new knowledge website „Infection Research-News and Perspectives“ (www.infection-research.de) Researchers at the Helmholtz Centre for Infection Research (HZI), in Braunschweig, Germany, created the site with support from the German Association of Science Charities (Stifterverband für die Deutsche Wissenschaft).

„Infection research is experiencing something of a rebirth“, explains HZI’s Klaus Schughart as his motivation starting the website. „Infectious diseases that we had once thought we had defeated now claim many deaths. And previously unknown invaders appear and spread rapidly throughout the world.” As a consequence at least 17 million people die annually because of an infectious disease. 

New findings in infection research raise hopes of slowing the growth of infectious disease, but as the field grows, scientists must grapple with a flood of information and new controversies. “`Infection Research - News and Perspectives´ aims to give a comprehensive overview of current developments in the field, thus providing an orientation in a fast progressing research field. It will also provide scientist of other disciplines as well as the interested public with insights about facts, activities and the science behind controversies.” Schughart says.

Weekly ´Infection Research´ includes in the “News Section” short summaries of important recent papers and their links to the original paper. In the “Perspective Section”, a new article each month will address a particular research question with facts and background information and explain controversial issues. “Perspectives” will also occasionally address policy issues that will influence which research questions scientists choose to tackle. The “Events” Section informs scientist about upcoming meetings, workshops or conferences. Behind the caption “Who is Who” is a map and a list of the leading infection research institutes in Germany. Future developments include profiles of established scientists who have influenced infection research as well as young scientists at the beginning of productive careers.


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