05.06.2009, 12:15

The Helmholtz/National prospective cohort study - partners and planned activities of the HZI

Friday Lunch Seminar

    This study plans to examine about 200.000 people in Germany for various health parameters and socio-economical factors. The goal of the study is to get insights into the environmental and genetic factors that determine the risk for common diseases in human. The cohort study will be performed by institutes of the Helmholtz Association and partners from universities and other research centres. In our PoF application, we, the DKFZ, MDC, HMGU, and FZ Jülich had applied for financing. This application had been approved, and a start up financing has been provided by the Helmholtz Association. We are now in the preparatory phase (defining goals, strategies, partners, etc.).


    At the HZI we will develop, together with our partners from the RKI, BIPS and TiHo, studies that deal with infectious diseases and the dimmune response (factors influencing its risk, the risk of infections to other common diseases, factors influencing vaccine response etc.).


    We are still in the early preparatory phase but thought that it may be good to present and discuss our ideas with all scientists at the HZI at this stage. Thus on Friday, we will outline our first ideas of projects, and our partners will present themselves and give a first overview about how to collaborate. There will be ample of time for discussions after the presentations, I asked the speakers to be here for the next following two hours (if applicable).


    I am looking forward to your participation and interesting discussions on Friday noon.


    05.06.2009, 12:15


    Forumsgebäude, X0.13a, HZI


    Dr. Manas Akmatov, HZI; Dr. Gerard Krause, Robert-Koch-Institut; Dr. Roswitha Merle, Tierärztliche Hochschule Hannover; Prof Dr. Wolfgang Ahrens, Bremer Institut für Prävention und Sozialforschung


    Prof. Dr. Klaus Schughart

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