18.12.2012, 17:00

Stefan Ehlers "The granuloma in Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection: closed shop or dynamic host-pathogen collusion?"


In recent years, an integrated view of tuberculosis pathogenesis has emerged in which the granuloma is viewed as part of the successful life cycle of M. tuberculosis (Mtb). This includes an evolutionary perspective that takes into account the mutual shaping of the tissue microenvironment, which concurrently allows propagation and transmission of Mtb, yet restricts tissue damage to safeguard survival of the host. In this “holistic” view of the Mtb life cycle, a focal accumulation of mononuclear cells in various states of differentiation, i.e. a granuloma, is not per se protective. As a consequence, to stop M. tuberculosis from multiplying and transmitting, simple imitation or augmentation of the natural and acquired host response to infection may not be sufficient. There is good evidence that T cell responses driven by Mtb can lead to tissue remodeling that allows Mtb to exit from the granulomatous lesion and spread into the environment. Adjunct immunomodulation may be useful to blunt this strategy in an attempt to contain the infection, prevent tissue necrosis and break the transmission cycle. In addition, innovative drug therapy needs to take into account both, the dynamic nature of the granuloma and the metabolic stress it imposes on Mtb.


18.12.2012, 17:00


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