13.01.2011, 13:15

Job Opportunities with Dr. Frank Stehr

Job Opportunities

    Dr. rer. nat. Frank Stehr will talk about his exiting career and his current job as a coordinator for Research for the NCL foundation. Aside from the important issue of fund raising, he ensures the financing of research to find a cure against this highly severe childhood disease.


    NCL is the abbreviation of "Neuronal Ceroid Lipofuscinosis", a metabolic disorder that causes an increasing decease of nerve cells. There are distinct subtypes that differ primarily in two points: firstly, the age of the child, when the first symptoms arise, secondly the celerity of the disease´s proceeding. All forms share the feature, that they are incurable at present.


    13.01.2011, 13:15


    HZI Forum, X1.04


    Dr. rer. nat. Frank Stehr


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