21. - 23. Juni 2018

Herrenhausen Symposium “Individualized Infection Medicine – The future is now”


How may individualisation find its way into care of patients with infectious diseases? This is the hot topic to be discussed during the international Herrenhausen Symposium on June 21-23, 2018, in Hannover.

Infections remain one of the major causes of death worldwide and we face increasing antibiotic resistance, emerging and re-emerging infectious diseases and their global spread due to the globalization and global mobility. Also, development and application of therapies with maximum efficacy and minimum toxicity remain a fundamental challenge. Thus, new and innovative approaches to optimize clinical care for patients suffering from or being threatened by infectious diseases will be of increasing importance. Tailored therapeutic strategies based on detailed molecular stratification of disease sub-entities have been pioneered in oncology, where characterization of key mutations and molecular pathways already guide diagnostics and therapeutic intervention. Such concepts of individualized medicine and custom-made therapies for each patient also hold untapped potential with a view to the diagnostic workup and treatment of infections. Realizing this potential will require evolving, combining and applying leading know-how and cutting-edge technologies to establish the highest quality of individualized medicine possible. 

The Herrenhausen symposium “Individualized infection medicine – the future is now” aims at fostering international and interdisciplinary collaboration by bringing together outstanding experts from different fields to address major scientific questions, tackle ethical, social and economical considerations and discuss the requirements for regulation processes in individualized medicine. The exchange of ideas and resulting discussions will help to guide the path forward for individualized medicine as a whole and individualized infection medicine in particular.

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21. - 23. Juni 2018


Hannover, Herrenhausen Palace

Abstract Submission and Travel Grants

Interested researchers are invited to submit an abstract. All submitted abstracts will be evaluated by the steering committee and selected abstracts will be presented in a poster session during the Symposium. Please submit your abstract until March 30, 2018 via the form below. You will be informed whether your abstract has been selected by April 2018.

Applications for travel grants offered by the Volkswagen Foundation are no longer accepted as the deadline expired. Selected applicants will be informed in February 2018 and will get the chance to present their research in a poster and/or lightning talk session. The posters will be displayed during the entire symposium.

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The Herrenhausen Symposium “Individualized Infection Medicine – The future is now” is jointly organized by the Volkswagen Foundation, the Medical School Hannover and the Helmholtz Centre for Infection Research.

Conference Office 

Dr. Jennifer Debarry
Centre for Individualised Infection Medicine
c/o CRC Hannover | Feodor-Lynen-Str. 15 | 30625 Hannover

Abstract Submission and Travel Grants:

to apply please use the application form in the tab „Register“.


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