15-17. Oktober 2018

17th Workshop "Cell Biology of Viral Infections"


17th "Cell Biology of Viral Infections Workshop" of the society of Virology (GfV)

The workshop traditionally aims at fostering scientific exchange among young and experienced scientists working on cell biological aspects of viral infections.

    We cordially invite you to the 2018 GfV Cell Biology of Viral Infections Workshop taking place October 15-17 2018 at Kloster Schöntal.

    This year, the topic will be “High resolution approaches in virology: from cell ultrastructure to OMICS”. Four international renowned scientists (Professors Gisou van der Goot, Félix Rey, Kay Grünewald, and Ileana Cristea) with unique expertise in crystallography, electron microscopy, and OMICS will share their experience and vision of the cell and viruses with us.


    15-17. Oktober 2018


    Schöntal (Germany)


    • Prof. Gisou van der Goot
    • Prof. Félix Rey
    • Prof. Kay Grünewald
    • Prof. Ileana Cristea


    Gisa Gerold (PhD), Pierre-Yves Lozach (PhD)

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