HZI opens study centre in Hannover

Long term medical studies of chronic diseases planned

Frontansicht des Clinical Research Center HannoverFront View of the Clinical Research Center HannoverThe new premises of the HZI study center in Hannover have been opened with an official ceremony today.

In the future, long-term population studies with voluntary probands will be conducted in the new centre. The results are supposed to shed new light on chronic diseases such as cancer or dementia. “We want to study how currently neglected factors, among them infections, influence the risk to develop these severe illnesses”, explains Prof. Gérard Krause, head of the HZI department of Epidemiology, which is running the study center. Contributions of the HZI study center to larger Germany-wide health studies are planned.

The study centre will reside in the now opened rooms in Feodor-Lynen-Str. 5 for the time being. Later it will move into the neighboring Clinical Reserach Center Hannover (CRC), which is still under construction

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