20.09.23 - 22.09.23

"Microbiology 2023: from single cell to microbiome and host".

    The conference "Microbiology 2023: from single cell to microbiome and host" on molecular microbiology is organized by Profs. Pascale Cossart, Jörg Hacker, David Holden, Staffan Normark and Jörg Vogel on behalf of the National Academy of Sciences Leopoldina (Germany), the Académie des sciences (France), the Royal Society (United Kingdom) and the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences (Sweden). This two-day conference, hosted by the University of Würzburg and supported by the Helmholtz Institute for RNA-based Infection Research (HIRI) Würzburg and the Krupp Foundation, is a continuation of several successful and exceptionally well-attended Interacademy meetings on this topic held in Paris (2014) and London (2016).

    The event will begin on Wednesday afternoon (September 20) and end at noon on Friday (September 22). The program includes four main sessions, for which 22 outstanding international speakers have been recruited. There will also be a poster session on Wednesday evening and a conference dinner at the Würzburg Residence on Thursday evening.

    The full conference program can be found here.

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    20.09.23 - 22.09.23


    Institute for Molecular Infection Biology (IMIB) University of Würzburg, Josef-Schneider-Str. 2, 97080 Würzburg

    Building and room

    Building D15



    Stefanie Ziegler
    Helmholtz Institute for RNA-based Infection Research (HIRI)

    Josef-Schneider-Straße 2
    Building D15
    97080 Würzburg

    Phone: +49 (0)931-31-81358
    E-Mail: stefanie.ziegler@helmholtz-hiri.de

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