11.12.2019 10:00

DZIF bioinformatics workshop “Introduction to R”


    We are pleased to announce the next DZIF bioinformatics workshop: “Introduction to R”. The workshop will take place December 11-13 at the BRICS in Braunschweig.

    Increasingly, physicians and biologists are facing large amounts of data that can no longer be analyzed "by hand”. The R environment offers free software facilities for data manipulation, calculation and graphical display. It thus allows handling of large data amounts, simplifies the interpretation of the data, or enables a deeper analysis.


    • Wed, Dec 11, 10am–4pm: Programming basics, the R programming language, R studio, data wrangling
    • Thu, Dec 12, 9am–4pm: Data import and export, basic plotting with ggplot2: boxplots, barplots, heatmaps, statistical tests, publication ready plots with ggpubr
    • Fri, Dec 13, 9am–12pm (open end): Case study: gene expression data analysis with DESeq2; starting from 1pm (optional): Open session, discuss your own projects/data

    Apply here (Application deadline: Sunday, November 24.)
    Questions? Email: bioinformatics@dzif.de
    We are looking forward to seeing you in the workshop!

    Alice C. McHardy, coordinator
    Till Lesker and Marie-Louise Körner, workshop trainers


    11.12.2019 10:00



    Building and room

    BRICS (Rebenring 56, Braunschweig)
    Room 044 is at the end of the first corridor on the left, as you enter from the yellow entrance of the building on Rebering.

    Involved Groups

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