Microbial Drugs

The majority of the medically important antibiotic drugs (including e.g., penicillins, cephalosporins, erythromycin, vancomycin, and daptomycin) are derived from secondary metabolites, which are produced by bacteria and filamentous fungi. Despite intensive world-wide efforts using alternative approaches based on synthetic chemistry, no other concept could so far surpass the historically successful strategy to exploit biologically active natural products as candidates for anti-infective drugs. The recently observed, increasing resistance of the human pathogens against antibiotics has prompted us to intensify our search for novel lead structures from microorganisms and fungi, which can be used as anti-infective drugs.




Natural Product Chemistry


Microbial Strain Collection

Guests and former members


Dr. Kevin Becker

Dr. Smitha Bhuyan

Dr. Lilibeth Chaverra-Munoz

Dr. Clara Chepkirui

Dr. Boontiya-Blye Chuankind

Burkhard Ebert

Dr. Güner Ekiz

Sandra Halecker

Dr. Khadija Hassan                                

Dr. Stephan Hüttel

Dr. Lili Jia         

Christel Kakoschke                                                                  

Sae Kanaki

Heba Khayata

Dr. Abolfal Narmani Kordlar

Dr. Wilawan Kuephadungphan

Dr. Eric Kuhnert

Dr. Allan Patrick Macabeo

Dr. Ausana Mapook

Dana Nedder                                   

Dr. Sarah Raouia Noumeur

Dr. Pathompong Paomephan

M.Sc. Chitwadee Phithakrotchanakoon

Dr. Chayanard Phukhamsakda

Kunthida Gift Phutthacharoen

Dr. Gian Primahana

Dr. Monique Rascher

Dr. Christian Richter

Dr. Zeljka Rupcic

Dr. Lulu Shao

Dr. Enge Sudarman

Dr. Rémy Bertrand Teponno

Dr. Benjarong Thongbai (Zine)

Jörg Wieschhaus

Dr. Kathrin Wittstein

Nadine Wurzler

Dr. Adela Cmokova



PD Dr. Joachim Wink

Dr. Shadi Khodamoradi

Dr. Senlie Octaviana

Dr. Nasim Safaei

Kerstin Schober

Romy Vogel

Story: New drugs from fungi

HZI researchers traveled to Yaoundé, Cameroon, for a workshop on the collection, culture and identification of fungal strains. A new research hub will strengthen natural product research in fungi in the country. [read more]

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  • How do researchers at the HZI and HIPS develop antibiotic candidates from natural products?

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