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The HZI International Graduate School for Infection Research provides an innovative structured PhD programme within the field of Infection Research. Implemented at the campus of the Helmholtz Centre for Infection Research in Braunschweig together with its partner universities the HZI Graduate School has created an electrifying environment where young researchers are stimulated to exchange knowledge with their colleagues, peers and leading scientists from all over the world. In addition to intensive scientific training, the young researchers have the possibility of improving their soft skills and advancing their interdisciplinary knowledge in preparation for the job market.

We invite highly motivated applicants

The three-year study programme is aimed at university post-graduates (MSc/Diploma) from the life sciences as well as those who have graduated in human or veterinary medicine and bioinformatics. Applicants should be highly motivated, have an active interest in the field of infection biology and expertise in laboratory practices.

The programme is well supported by a network of scientists and supervisors. PhD candidates will complete the programme as highly qualified scientists in infection research and be competitive for the job market.

Excellent English skills are a basic requirement as the programme is offered in English.


We offer an online application tool under:

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Dr. Sabine Kirchhoff

Head of the Department Human Resources Development
HZI International Graduate School for Infection Research
Helmholtz-Zentrum für Infektionsforschung
Inhoffenstraße 7
38124 Braunschweig


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