HZI Seminar Series: Felix Horns

HZI wide
1.30 pm
HZI Campus

Harnessing RNA export to monitor and manipulate living cells

We welcome Dr Felix Horns, California Institute of Technology, to the HZI Seminar Series. He is hosted by Thomas Pietschmann.

Understanding the dynamics of cell populations and their states is a longstanding challenge in biology. Although RNA analysis reveals the molecular states of cells, these techniques typically require destruction of the analyzed cells, which prevents measurement of how individual cells change over time. To overcome these challenges, we developed cellular RNA export technology for tracking the dynamics of cell populations and states. We engineered mammalian cells to package and secrete RNA within protective vesicles. We demonstrate how this technology can be used to track the dynamics of cell populations and states by sequencing secreted RNA without disturbing cells. We also show how this technology enables cell-to-cell RNA delivery for manipulating receiver cells, including reprogramming of cell types. Cellular RNA export technology thus provides a wealth of dynamical information about cells and lays a foundation for understanding and controlling the dynamic molecular states of cells.

Thomas Pietschmann

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Prof Dr Thomas Pietschmann
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