• nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy


    Nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy is…

    Short: NMR spectroscopy. Analytic tool that exploits the magnetic properties of atomic nuclei and yields information about a given molecule's structure and chemical environment.

  • natural killer cells


    Natural killer cells are…

    Lymphocytes capable of destroying virus-infected cells and tumour cells without prior stimulation. They are part of the innate immune response.

  • necrosis


    Necrosis is…

    Cell death prompted by external factors that trigger an inadequate supply of oxygen, or by toxic substances. As this cell death is not regulated as opposed to apoptosis, it frequently leads to localized inflammation.

  • nosocomial infection


    A nosocomial infection is…

    Infection with a typicallymulti-resistant hospital bug. Due to frequent use of antibiotics, many germs that are resistant against conventional antibiotics are found in doctors’ offices and hospitals.

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