Working at the HZI

To ensure top quality research we need top quality employees. Your creativity and innovative capabilities are the basis for the long-term success of our work. That's why we undertake a great deal to attract the best people to us. An important aim of our work is to continuously support and promote the motivation and dedication of our staff. Our young and talented researchers, for example, are trained and prepared for future tasks in a special program designed to develop credentials in science management. We support your career planning with individual coaching. We also offer a special service to our foreign colleagues and guests: in the spring of 2005, we opened our "International Office". The office provides foreign staff members with unbureaucratic assistance to get them started in their new jobs.

Employee Representation

Employees are represented well at the HZI. Besides the works committee which represents all empoyees, equal opportunity officers as well as a representative body for disabled employees are there to support the staff. Depending on the individual situation and the issue there is always someone suitable to talk to.

Works Committee

John Aubert
Tel.: +49 531 6181-9500
Fax: +49 531 6181-9599

Youth and Education Representative
Tel.: +49 531 6181-3056
Fax: +49 531 6181-9599

Representative Body for Disabled Employees

Carolin Schaper
Tel.: +49 531 6181-4603
Fax: +49 531 6181-4699

Equal Opportunity Commissioner

Katja Flaig
Tel.: +49 531 6181-2003

Family Office

Claudia Körner
Tel.: +49 531 6181-2114
Fax: +49 531 6181-2199

Postdoc Initiative

Current Jobs

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