Working at the HZI

To ensure top quality research we need top quality employees. Your creativity and innovative capabilities are the basis for the long-term success of our work. That's why we undertake a great deal to attract the best people to us. An important aim of our work is to continuously support and promote the motivation and dedication of our staff. Our young and talented researchers, for example, are trained and prepared for future tasks in a special program designed to develop credentials in science management. We support your career planning with individual coaching. We also offer a special service to our foreign colleagues and guests: in the spring of 2005, we opened our "International Office". The office provides foreign staff members with unbureaucratic assistance to get them started in their new jobs.

Employee Development

The qualifications and motivation of our staff members are a fundamental prerequisite for staying competitive in international research circles. This means that our employees need to continuously improve their qualifications. The Helmholtz Centre for Infection Research supports this lifelong learning with a multi-faceted employee development program. In addition to the traditional continuing education programs, such as language skills and software applications, we also school the soft skills and leadership qualities of our employees. It is also important to us that our staff members improve their social skills between colleagues, so we also offer individual coaching and team development programs.

Management Curriculum

Enabling employees to take on positions of responsibility requires not only a keen interest in research and scientific excellence, but also soft skills and knowledge of management techniques. The Helmholtz Centre for Infection Research offers staff members, who wish to pursue new challenges, the opportunity to further develop their expertise within the framework of a specially-designed management curriculum program. The management curriculum consists of different seminars that last from one to two days. Topics include presentation and public speaking skills as well as team management.


Since the summer of 2005, all employees of the Helmholtz Centre for Infection Research have the opportunity to receive systematic coaching for their personal development. One aim of such coaching can be, for example, to flesh out one's individual career development, or, to find the right balance between personal interests and career goals.

Team Development

The aim here is to improve the coordination and cooperation within a work group. In workshops, team members learn to set mutual goals; feedback and discourse are strengthened to improve team communication and cooperation.

Current Jobs

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