PhD Programme Epidemiology

The PhD programme “Epidemiology” is a three-year doctoral programme in the area of epidemiological research and is coordinated by the Department of Epidemiology of the HZI.

The PhD programme is a collaborative effort of the Department of Epidemiology, the HZI Grad School and the HBRS (MHH). After successful completion, candidates will be awarded a PhD or, in some instances, a Dr. rer. nat.

Current admissions for the PhD Programme are only possible if funding is assured by the applicant (e.g. by a scholarship or a third party).

Programme and Research

  • The duration of each PhD programme cycle is three years.
  • The PhD programme is structured into individual epidemiological research activity on the one hand (125 Credit Points) and accompanying mandatory educational programme (55 Credit Points, minimum 300 Teaching Units (TU's)) on the other hand.
  • The accompanying educational programme contains lectures and seminars, as well as epidemiological fieldwork in our study centre and epidemiological laboratory.
  • All training elements are taught in English. The PhD programme is integrated in and supported by a network of PhD students, PostDocs and supervisors with various scientific backgrounds.


Prof. Dr. Gérard Krause

Coordinators (jointly):
Dr. Berit Lange
Dr. Carolina Klett-Tammen

Department of Epidemiology
Helmholtz Centre for Infection Research
Inhoffenstraße 7
38124 Braunschweig

PhD Office:
Jennifer Birnschein

Phone: + 49 (0) 531 6181 - 3136

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