PhD Programme Epidemiology

The PhD programme “Epidemiology” is a three-year doctoral programme in the area of epidemiological research and is coordinated by the Department of Epidemiology of the HZI.

The PhD programme is a collaborative effort of the Department of Epidemiology, the HZI Grad School and the HBRS (MHH). After successful completion, candidates will be awarded a PhD or, in some instances, a Dr. rer. nat.

Current admissions for the PhD Programme are only possible if funding is assured by the applicant (e.g. by a scholarship or a third party).

PhD Students, HZI, Department Epidemiology

Fernández, Nathalie
Gornyk, Daniela
Hassenstein, Max
Kwabla, Mavis Pearl
Nguyen, Minh-Tam
Silenou, Bernard
Tom-Aba, Daniel
Torres, Johanna
Umutesi, Justine

PhD Students, associated

Al-Mekhlafi, Amani
Bockey, Annabelle
Caputo, Mahrrouz
Chaw, Pa Saidou


Prof. Dr. Gérard Krause

Dr. Jördis J. Ott
Dr. Stefanie Castell

Department of Epidemiology
Helmholtz Centre for Infection Research
Inhoffenstraße 7
38124 Braunschweig

Phone: + 49 (0) 531 6181 - 3136

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