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Chemical Biology

The Department of Chemical Biology at the HZI offers to interested and engaged biology-, biochemistry-and biotechnology students on a regular basis: - Internship Positions (max. 3 months) - Bachelor- and Master Theses The centre provides modern laboratories and state-of-the-art instrumentation, various biological profiling platforms, a lively scientific environment and programs for the development of interdisciplinary scientific expertise as well as personal skills, which are ideal prerequisities for a successfull future carrier.


Possible topis for biology-, biochemistry- and biotechnology students:

Investigation of the mechanism of drug internalization into Gram-negative bacteria by imaging methods, mass spectrometry and microbiological assays

Mass spectrometry-based investigations of the bacterial metabolome, with emphasis on the influence of drugs on virulence factors

Elucidation of the molecular targets and the cellular mode of action of active compounds

Development of phenotypic cell based assays for the investigation of infection-relevant processes

Identification of active compounds by automated screening of compound libraries


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Applications accepted until  2019-10-30

Further informationabouttheinstitute and ourdepartmentcanbeobtained via theinternet at in touchwith Prof. Dr. Mark Brönstrup,

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