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Chemical Biology

The Department of Chemical Biology at the HZI offers to interested and engaged chemistry students on a regular basis: - Internship Positions (max. 3 months) - Bachelor- and Master-Theses The strategic goal of the Department of Chemical Biology is to discover, characterize and optimize new anti-infectives via drug screening, mechanism of action studies and chemical synthesis. The centre provides modern laboratories and state-of-the-art instrumentation, various biological profiling platforms, a lively scientific environment and programs for the development of interdisciplinary scientific expertise as well as personal skills, which are ideal prerequisities for a successfull future carrier.


Possible topis for (synthetic) chemists:

Natural product-based as well as synthetic lead structures with promising activities against Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria are structurally optimized by semi- or total synthesis. The biological properties of the molecules are characterized within the department, next door to the chemist.

Molecular Trojan horses: Antimicrobial compounds are conjugated chemically with structures that are actively taken up by bacteria (e.g. via iron or sugar transport systems).

Drug-based probes for the investigation of biological processes are synthesized and utilized for imaging applications, target identification or as photo switches.

Analytical chemistry projects dealing with mass spectrometry-based studies of the metabolome of pathogenic bacteria.


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Applications accepted until  2019-10-30

Further informationabouttheinstitute and ourdepartmentcanbeobtained via theinternet at in touchwith Prof. Dr. Mark Brönstrup,

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