HIRI graduate training program “RNA & Infection”



The Helmholtz Institute for RNA-based infection research (HIRI) in Würzburg is offering several PhD positions as part of its graduate training program “RNA & Infection”.


PhD candidates will have the unique opportunity to undertake cutting-edge research at the interface of RNA and infection biology. Working on a three-year research project, PhD candidates can select lectures and seminars, participate in laboratory and soft-skills courses, and attend conferences, symposia and summer schools. Guided by internationally acclaimed investigators, our program inspires and challenges PhD candidates to develop into independent and highly qualified scientists. The international program is taught in English and well supported by an integrated network of PhD students and supervisors. For further information about the program and the HIRI, please visit: www.helmholtz-hiri.de

The Helmholtz Institute for RNA-based Infection Research is the first research institution worldwide to exclusively address the role of RNA in infection processes.

Major research topics of the HIRI include

  • Single-cell RNA analysis of the complexity and heterogeneity of infection processes
  • Noncoding RNAs with essential roles in pathogenesis
  • RNA-based mechanisms in virulence and host defense
  • RNA structure profiling, RNA modifications and RNA localization
  • Delivery techniques for RNA-based interventions
  • Exploiting RNA for new diagnostics, preventives and anti-infectives


We expect

  • An above average Master’s degree or equivalent in molecular biology, biochemistry, or a related life science
  • Solid background knowledge in microbiology, virology, cell biology, pathogen-host-interaction, RNA biology, single cell analysis, bioinformatics and biochemistry
  • Good English communication and presentation skills (written and spoken)
  • Intercultural communication skills
  • A strong desire to do research with high self-motivation and enthusiasm


HIRI Würzburg

The Handicapped

Qualified applicants with a disability will be given preference.

Special preference toward women


Starting date

Early 2019

Contract time limit

initial term1 year, extension of 2 years possible

Probation period

6 months probation period


alike TVöD E13 (60%)

Published on


Applications accepted until  30.10.2018

Applicants are required to complete the online application form at https://hzi.opencampus.net

For further information on the program, please contact Dr. Nina-Vanessa Littwin at (Ninavanessa.littwin@helmholtz-hiri.de).

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