The HZI-MI4 Scientific Travel Exchange Program (STEP)

HZI and the McGill Interdisciplinary Initiative in Infection and Immunity (MI4) of the McGill University in Montreal, Canada, have partnered to establish a joint Scientific Travel Exchange Program (STEP), which will provide principal investigators from HZI and MI4 the opportunity to exchange trainees at the PhD level or higher to share expertise and intensify collaboration. STEP will allow for international research and training opportunities for up to 3 months at the partner institution. Research activities must be in the field of personalized infection medicine.

About the partner institutions

MI4 is a community-wide network of over 200 world-class investigators with diverse expertise, of which nearly 100 are clinician-scientists. The investigators focus on innovative, collaborative, and policy-relevant research to develop new solutions for infectious and immune diseases and deliver these solutions to the patients and populations who need them most.

HZI is Germany’s largest academic institution dedicated exclusively to infection research. Its 60 research units at 6 sites investigate bacterial and viral pathogens of high clinical relevance, elucidate their interaction with the host’s immune system and explore new ways to prevent and combat infections. To promote clinical and pharmaceutical innovation, HZI scientists perform translational research in close cooperation with the university medicine and industry.

Successful STEP awardees will have the following available to their trainees: access to state-of-the-art core facilities for sequencing, imaging and omics approaches, cutting-edge expertise in a number of areas related to the field of personalized infection research and computational resources for leveraging the large amounts of data being generated.


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