HZI Alumni

The Alumni of the Helmholtz Centre for Infection Research (HZI Alumni) in Braunschweig are a social and career network for former employees as well as for friends and sponsors of the HZI and the former German Research centre for Biotechnology (GBF).


Alumni can get involved in various ways. Their expertise is very valuable for the centre and its scientists and their commitment is highly appreciated.

Be a mentor

You are alumna or alumnus of the HZI and the GBF, respectively, and wish to share your experience with PhD students at the HZI? To allow them first-hand insights into professional life and be a dialogue partner for directing questions? In that case we will be pleased if you make yourself available as a mentor in the HZI Graduate School’s mentoring programme. This is not only for the benefit of PhD candidates. Interesting aspects for you as a mentor could be that you can expand your advisory expertise, gain new insights through the mentee’s perspectives and questions, and last but not least, experience the joy of supporting young scientists on their career path.
For more information on the mentoring programme, please contact Dr. Sabine Kirchhoff.


Be a supporter or a sponsor

Furthermore, you have the possibility to contribute through your support to the promotion of committed researchers and the realization of scientific events and award ceremonies. These include, for example, annual awards such as the Inhoffen Medal and the Jürgen Wehland Prize as well as the PhD award, which honours excellent dissertations in life science. It is also possible to sponsor an event like the Inhoffen lecture, the “North Regio Day on Infection” (NoRDI) or the International Symposium of the Virtual Institute “Viral Strategies of Immune Evasion" (VISTRIE). Your contact in this case are the Friends of the HZI.

Friends of the HZI
Tel: +49 (0)531 6181-5000/01

Your engagement in research funding

There is also the possibility to support research projects or junior scientists at the HZI. Thus, you can further contribute to our research by supporting basic research for new diagnostic tools, new active agents and new therapies against infectious diseases.The coordinator for research funding will provide you with further information:

Katrin MacLeod
Tel: +49 (0)531 6181-1001


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