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Call for applications Helmholtz Young Investigator group within the Helmholtz International Lab for anti-infective research focused on microbial natural products Nr. 03/2019 The Helmholtz Institute for Pharmaceutical Research Saarland (HIPS) together with Saarland University and Shandong University (SDU) have opened a position for a full-time Young Investigator group leader. The position is part of the recently established Helmholtz International laboratory for anti-infective research, a Sino-German cooperation of the Helmholtz Centre for Infection Research (HZI), HIPS and SDU. The successful applicant will work both in Saarbrücken and Qingdao. The Helmholtz Institute for Pharmaceutical Research Saarland (HIPS) focusses on identifying and developing new treatment options for infectious diseases with an emphasis on natural product research. Especially research in the department of microbial natural products (MINS) is aiming to identify, investigate and optimize novel natural product based actives, applying diverse approaches and methods mainly from the field of biotechnology, microbiology, molecular biology and (bio-)chemistry. HIPS was jointly started in August 2009 by the HZI in Braunschweig and Saarland University on Campus Saarbrücken. In 2015 HIPS moved into a new 4500 m2 research building in which currently 160 international researchers work. HIPS in Germany represents the first and only publically funded extra-university research unit dedicated to pharmaceutical research. The Institute collaborates nationally and internationally with universities and various industries.


This call is directed towards excellent researchers in the field of natural products with between two and six years’ post-doctoral experience with documented research experience abroad (additional time granted if children were raised during this time). The most important selection criterion is the outstanding quality of the candidates (CV, publications, citation index, awards, etc.) and the planned research project (innovation capacity, relevance, structure, coherence, feasibility). Further criteria include the strategic importance for the nominating institution (the host Helmholtz Center) and clearly discernible synergy effects resulting from the cooperation between the Center and the partner university.

The Helmholtz Association especially wishes to attract promising female scientists to continue their careers in science.

The term of each Young Investigators Group is six years, with an evaluation after three years. If a recipient takes parental leave during this time, the funding period can be extended and the evaluation will be postponed in coordination with the Head Office. The candidate is expected to work in Saarbrücken during the first three year period and then move their laboratory to Qingdao campus of Shandong University.

The decision on the extension will be made on the basis of a quality assessment of the candidate’s scientific achievements according to international standards and an evaluation of the project’s relevance to the corresponding Helmholtz International Lab program. The examination procedure will be carried out by the host Centre with substantial participation by external reviewers.

The Young investigator group position will fund the position of the group leader, two PhD positions and basic support for consumables and reagents. Access to all major equipment of the HIPS will be granted.


We expect the successful candidate to work in the area of microbial natural products (genome mining, biodiversity mining, new sources for natural products, heterologous expression, pathway engineering, production optimization) aiming to identify and develop novel anti-infectives.

The candidate must be proficient in oral and written English and a good team player in a cross-cultural and interdisciplinary team covering the domains of biology, chemistry, pharmacy and biotechnology.


The employer is the Helmholtz-Zentrum für Infektionsforschung GmbH in Braunschweig, place of work is Saarbrücken.

Qualified applicants with a disability will be given preference.

The HZI aims to ensure equal representation of men and women. Applications by women are particularly welcome. Part time employment (almost full-time) is in principal possible upon request.


HIPS Saarbrücken





- initially limited to 3 years-


6 months


E15 TVöD/Bund



Bewerbungsschluss ist der  28.02.2019

Qualified applicants should send applications (one PDF file) with the reference 03/2019 via e-Mail to

For more details please contact Prof. Rolf Müller, phone ++49681-98806-3000 or e-Mail: or Dr. Yannic Nonnenmacher, phone ++49681-98806-3021 or e-Mail:

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