Helmholtz Junior Research Group Leader in the field of Infectious Disease Research

Kennziffer: 05/2019



The Helmholtz Centre for Infection Research (HZI, www.helmholtz-hzi.de) is the largest scientific institution in Germany solely focussing on infection research. With more than 800 employees, HZI is a member of the Helmholtz Association, Germany's largest non-university scientific organisation. Scientists at HZI analyse the fundamental principles of infection processes between both bacterial and viral pathogens and their hosts and - based on these findings - develop innovative approaches and novel preventive and therapeutic concepts against infectious diseases. The HZI, located with its main campus in Braunschweig, has additional sites in Hannover (TWINCORE, translational and clinical research), Saarbrücken (HIPS, natural product and drug research), Würzburg (HIRI, RNA-based infection research) and Hamburg (part of the CSSB, high-end structural biology). In addition, the HZI is one of the 35 partner institutions joining forces in the field of infection research within the German Centre for Infection Research (Deutsches Zentrum für Infektionsforschung - DZIF). The Helmholtz Centre for Infection Research invites applications for the position of an independent Helmholtz Junior Research Group Leader in the field of Infectious Disease Research -No. 05/2019- for its main campus in Braunschweig.


The candidates, highly qualified junior scientists holding a PhD or MD, should have an excellent scientific track record and international postdoctoral experience in one of the following areas: Microbiology, virology, immunology, cell biology, structural biology, bioinformatics and data sciences, chemical biology incl. natural compound chemistry/biology, vaccinology or epidemiology.

Junior Groups at HZI will be funded for a period of 6 years. Funding covers the positions of the group leader (incl. tenure track option), a postdoctoral scientist, a PhD student, a technician as well as consumables and instrumentation for 6 years.

The HZI is strongly committed to increase the proportion of female faculty members and therefore strongly encourages applications by female candidates. Candidates with disabilities will be given preference, provided they are equally qualified.


Hauptsitz Braunschweig



Bewerbungsschluss ist der  28.02.2019

Applications, including a full CV, list of publications, a brief outline of future research interests (max. 2 pages) and the names, addresses, telephone numbers and e-mails of three referees should be sent electronically in one document (PDF) to JobsHZI@helmholtz-hzi.de by February 28, 2019.


For additional information please contact the Scientific Director of the HZI, Prof. Dr. Dirk Heinz: dirk.heinz@helmholtz-hzi.de.

For further details, please check: www.helmholtz.de/YIG2019   


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You are Welcome!

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