Master-Thesis “Cell stretching using microfabricated elastomeric devices as microphysiological systems”



The Nanoscale Infection Biology (NIVI) group at HZI led by Dr. Christian Sieben and the group of Dr. Iordania Constantinou at the Institute of Microtechnology at Technische Universität Braunschweig are offering a master thesis opportunity on an interdisciplinary topic that combines microtechnology and cell biology. The main goal of the thesis would be the evaluation of microfabricated elastomeric devices as stretching, cell culture systems. This project would be particularly suited for students of biology or biotechnology with a strong interest in novel technological methods.


Project description and aims: The aim of the project is to use a cell-stretching platform to simulate or mimic the stretching motion experienced by cells in many parts of the body including the gut during peristalsis and the lungs during breathing. The platform is fabricated using 3D printing and soft lithography methods and is compatible with high-resolution microscopy and infection assays. A semi-automated prototype is available in our labs and preliminary cell culture tests have been performed. During this master thesis more emphasis will be placed on platform validation and its application in cell biology. Mammalian cells will be cultured in the stretching platform, transfected with plasmids encoding fluorescently tagged components of the cytoskeleton and imaged using high-resolution microscopy. Some work will also be performed on further platform development based on the acquired data.


Techniques used during the project: Mammalian tissue culture, Fluorescence live-cell microscopy, plasmid transfection, immunostaining

Beginning of master project: By arrangement, as soon as possible

Contact: For further information please contact Iordania Constantinou at or Christian Sieben at


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