The HZI-MI4 Scientific Travel Exchange Program (STEP)

HZI and the McGill Interdisciplinary Initiative in Infection and Immunity (MI4) of the McGill University in Montreal, Canada, have partnered to establish a joint Scientific Travel Exchange Program (STEP), which will provide principal investigators from HZI and MI4 the opportunity to exchange trainees at the PhD level or higher to share expertise and intensify collaboration. STEP will allow for international research and training opportunities for up to 3 months at the partner institution. Research activities must be in the field of personalized infection medicine.


  • The planned research activity in the partner lab is in the area of personalized infection medicine.
  • The research applicant must have a graduate trainee in good academic standing.
  • The research applicant at the partner institution must approve the chosen graduate trainee to take part in the exchange program.
  • The primary supervisor/research applicant must participate in a research collaboration with the partner lab abroad.
  • The trainee going abroad must be a postdoctoral researcher working at HZI or McGill or a doctoral researcher with a research project at an HZI or McGill group.
  • The activity must take place in Germany at HZI or Canada at McGill University.
  • Conference travel is NOT eligible.


For more information please contact:

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