TRAIN - Translationsallianz in Niedersachsen

TRAIN stands for translation alliance in Lower Saxony. In this collaboration universities and extra-academic research institutions bundle their knowledge and infrastructures in order to bring possible active agents and vaccines from the laboratory to the patient faster. Together, the researchers of TRAIN translate findings from basic research into new biomedical diagnosis, therapy and prevention procedures. The goal: to reflect the entire development chain of medical research with research establishments in Lower Saxony ‑ from the discovery of a new active agent to the creation of a medicine.

With the support of the Ministry for Science and Culture of Lower Saxony (MWK) TRAIN will bridge the gap between basic research and medical application: we interlink our expertise in biomedical research in a way that enables the scientific findings from Lower Saxony to be rapidly made available to patients as diagnosis, therapy or prevention procedures in the future.


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