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European Vaccine Research and Development Infrastructure

TRANSVAC2 will support innovation for both prophylactic and therapeutic vaccine development based on a disease-overarching and one-health approach, thereby optimising the knowledge and expertise gained during the development of both human and animal vaccines. This will be achieved by bridging the translational gap in biomedical research, and by supporting cooperation between public vaccine R&D institutions of excellence, related initiatives and networks in Europe, and industrial partners. TRANSVAC2 will complement and integrate with existing European research infrastructures in both the public and private sectors. TRANSVAC2 will function as leverage and innovation catalyst between all stakeholders involved in vaccine R&D in Europe and -by providing integrated and overarching vaccine R&D services- will contribute to the development of effective products to address European and global health challenges, to controlling the burden and spread of infectious diseases, and reinforce the economic assets represented by vaccine developers in Europe.

4th Call for TRANSVAC Vaccine Development Services

Launch of the call: 15th Oct 2018
Deadline for applications to be submitted: 15th Dec 2018
Notification of application outcome: 15th February 2019
More information on the call and the application form can be found here.
For services related information please contact the TRANSVAC team ( or service providers.

TRANSVAC offers high-quality technical services to support the development of prophylactic and therapeutic vaccines for both human and animal use. These services are not restricted to any disease in particular.
Except for the few cases indicated on the website, services will be offered free of charge!
Academic and non-academic research groups, SMEs and industries can apply but only to service infrastructures outside their own country.


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European Vaccine Initiative (DE)

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EU - Europäische Union

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