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Novel anti-infectives

Novel anti-infectives (based on D-peptides, metallopeptides, and other formats)

novel antiinfectives2ConnyConventional antibiotics are becoming increasingly ineffective due to the emergence of multidrug-resistant bacteria. Therefore novel strategy for the generation of antibacterial compounds are urgently needed. A starting point for the design of novel anti-infectives are antimicrobial peptides (AMPs), that are produced by the host as defence mechanism against invading microorganisms.

We strive to enhance the mostly modest anti-bacterial activity of AMPs and to improve their bioavailability by an arsenal of different methods, such as

  • Solid Phase Peptide Library Synthesis (fully automated, resin-bound or SPOT Synthesis)
  • Computer-assisted design of new synthetic AMPs, e.g. data mining (supervised learning) approaches
  • Synthesis of peptidomimetics or D-peptides to enhance bioavailability, e.g. stability against proteases 
  • Coupling to effectors like potent natural products or metals


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