Forschungsprojekte (Drittmittel)


Gastrointestinal Erreger (Serum und Stuhl)

This project is based on analysis of biosamples from the pretest phase of the National Cohort. The primary aim is to establish and then further develop a high-throughput method for the detection of a wide range of antibodies in the serum („serolomics“) (multiplex serology, developed by M.Pawlita, DKFZ Heidelberg, cooperation partner of the project). The proposed project uses Helicobacter pylori (HP) serology as a model and starting point. Multiplex serology, a Luminex®-based method, currently detects 15 different HP-antibodies. Thus, it can determine specific virulence factors of HP to a much greater extent than customary ELISA tests using only very littler biologic material (<10µl). By using serum-stool pairings results of multiplex serology will be compared to the ones from a HP-AG ELISA (stool).


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