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metabolomicsThe understanding of the mechanism of action of novel (and also known) antibiotics requires a characterization of drug-target interactions, but also a description of the molecular response of bacterial and viral pathogens to antibiotic treatment. Recent studies have demonstrated the potential of metabolomics to decipher the mode of action of bioactive compounds (e.g. Kitagawa, Chem Biol 2010; Zlitni, Nat Chem Biol 2013), to detect metabolite switches upon induction of resistance (e.g. Derewacz, PNAS2013), or to simply discover novel metabolites even in well-known organisms (e.g. Srinivasan, Nature 2008; Globisch, PNAS2013).  We aim to build a targeted and untargeted bacterial metabolomics platform in 2014 as a key tool to capture the dynamics of small molecule metabolite networks in response to antibiotics, microbes and other pertubations. The metabolite patterns will be combined with transcriptome and proteome information to provide a systemwide view of the adaptation of bacteria to drug treatment.


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