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Events controlling germinal centre onset

Germinal Centres are microanatomical structures forming upon an infection. The production of high affinity antibodies relies on the reaction taking place in the GC and is necessary for an efficient immune response against pathogens and for the success of vaccinations.

The initiation of the Germinal Centre relies on several factors such as antigen availability, proper activation and interaction of T and B cells, and B cell Receptor affinity. However, their interplay to generate an efficient germinal centre reaction remains unclear. Exploiting spatio-temporal simulations of the Germinal Centre reaction obtained with an agent-based model, we aim at understanding the interaction of these factors in a healthy environment and the relation between failure of these mechanisms and pathological conditions.

T cells have several crucial functions in the development of functional Germinal Centres. Specifically, activation and subsequent differentiation of B cells rely on the interaction with follicular helper T cells. However, the latter needs to be regulated to avoid development of pathological conditions such as autoimmune diseases. We use an agent-based model to describe the dynamics of follicular helper T cells and to analyse how it influences the Germinal Centre reaction.

This project is carried out with the COSMIC consortium. The collaboration with the other groups involved will allow experimental validation of the results produced in silico and the mechanisms proven effective in silico will be used to investigate new treatment strategies.

SIMM members

Theinmozi Arulraj, Sebastian Binder, Philippe Robert (former member), Tanmay Mitra, Arnab Bandyopadhyay, Michael Meyer-Hermann

other collaborators

Antoine van Kampen (Amsterdam Medical Centre), Stefano Casola (IFOM Milan), Rikard Holmdahl (Karolinska Institutet), Dinis Calado (Francis Crick Institute), Michelle Linterman (Babraham Institute)


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EU Horizon 2020, Human Frontier Science Program


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