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Einfluss akuter Influenzainfektion auf die Krebsentstehung

Infections are major causes of morbidity and mortality in patients with cancer. Patients with malignancies are immunocompromised and thus, highly susceptible or predisposed to different infectious agents including influenza A virus. No data so far exist on the impact of acute influenza infections on the development of early and advanced cancers, an issue that is addressed within this project. Taking advantage of recently developed orthotopic murine models of gastro-intestinal cancer and a well-established and characterized model of acute influenza infection study the course of influenza infection in mice with cancer and the impact of acute influenza infections on tumor development in mice with early and advanced gastrointestinal cancers. Dependent on our findings in mice, selected experimental parameters will be proven as well in cancer patients.  The proposed research is highly relevant for the clinic and has a strong potential for the development of new therapeutics and immunotherapeutic approaches to combat infections and cancers and holds a great promise to increase the survival of patients with infectious and malignant diseases.       


Prof. Dr. med. Michael Manns, MHH

Beteiligte Gruppen


Dr. Tetyana Yevsa (MHH, Hannover), Prof. Dr. Dunja Bruder

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