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Prävalenz chronischer HBV Infektion und deren zeitliche Veränderung (Abgeschlossenes Projekt)

Hepatitis B virus (HBV) infection is a major public health threat worldwide and despite the availability of a highly effective vaccine, continues to be a serious problem. Being a human carcinogen, chronic infection with HBV, as indicated by presence of HBsAg in blood, can cause cirrhosis and primary liver cancer.

The endemicity of HBV has been found to vary greatly among different areas of the world. Reliable epidemiologic information on chronic HBV is rarely available from routinely collected data, e.g. national surveillance and incidence reporting. Although HBV infection is considered a notifiable infectious disease in most countries, usually incident acute HBV infections or chronic HBV infections among those notified with an acute infection are recorded. Furthermore, surveillance data reflect clinically apparent disease only, which leads to an underestimation, particularly in children, among which over 90% of infections are asymptomatic. Therefore, the objective of this work was to provide an evidence-based assessment of the HBV infection problem around the world by creating estimates of country-specific sero-prevalence and endemicity and to investigate changes over time. This was addressed by means of a systematic identification and assessment of available epidemiologic information on chronic HBV and by means of applying epidemiologic modelling. HBV prevalence estimates were generated based on data points obtained from eligible literature for 161 countries. Changes in HBV endemicity over time were assessed by country and discussed in the context of existing and long-standing prevention approaches like HBV vaccination programmes. 


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