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Creativity and plagiarism in prokaryotic transcriptional regulation

    Victor de Lorenzo is one of the most original, creative individuals in the field of gene regulation and functional genomics, and, more recently, systems and synthetic biology. He is a leading developer and exploiter of new genetic tools, such as the minitransposon genetic tools, developed 20 years ago in the GBF and still the mainstay of genetic analysis and manipulation in Gram negative bacteria, and expression-regulated camel antibodies for the creation of "anti-proteome" libraries for high throughput screening of knock-out/down systems. He is a leading proponent of synthetic biology and is currently involved in genome minimalization and the orthogonalization of metabolic modules (http://www.cnb.uam.es/~meml/index.php).


    Selected publications:

    Synthetic biology: something old, something new...de Lorenzo V. 2010. Bioessays 32: 267-270

    Mining logic gates in prokaryotic transcriptional regulation networks. Silva-Rocha, R. and de Lorenzo V. 2008. FEBS Lett.  582: 1237-1244

    Transcriptional wiring of the TOL plasmid regulatory network to its host involves the submission of the sigma54-promoter Pu to the response regulator PprA. Vitale E, Milani A, Renzi F, Galli E, Rescalli E, de Lorenzo V, Bertoni G. 2008. Mol Microbiol. 69:698-713.

    Stable implantation of orthogonal sensor circuits in Gram-negative bacteria for environmental release. de las Heras A, Carreño CA, de Lorenzo V. 2008. Environ Microbiol. 10:3305-16.

    Emergence of novel functions in transcriptional regulators by regression to stem protein types. Galvão TC, Mencía M, de Lorenzo V. 2007. Mol Microbiol.  65:907-19.

    In vivo drafting of single-chain antibodies for regulatory duty on the sigma54-promoter Pu of the TOL plasmid. Jurado P, Fernández LA, de Lorenzo V. 2006. Mol Microbiol.  60:1218-27.

    Physiological stress of intracellular Shigella flexneri visualized with a metabolic sensor fused to a surface-reporter system. Guzmán CA, Cebolla A, Beltrametti F, Staender LH, de Lorenzo V. 2005. FEBS Lett.  579:813-8.


    26.01.2011, 14:00


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    Prof. Victor de Lorenzo, Group Leader from the Molecular Environmental Microbiology Laboratory, Centro Nacional de Biotecnología CNB, CSIC Madrid, Spain


    Dr. Gabriella Molinari, HZI

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