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The publications database contains about 3.900 articles from HZI staff (formerly GBF) starting with year 2000. Only journal articles and book chapters are included. You won´t find lectures, posters etc. herein.

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  • Grombein,C.M.; Hu,Q.; Heim,R.; Rau,S.; Zimmer,C.; Hartmann,Rolf; (2015). 1-Phenylsulfinyl-3-(pyridin-3-yl)naphthalen-2-ols: A new class of potent and selective aldosterone synthase inhibitors. European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry: 89, 597-60502235234 WEBURLS
  • Allegretta,Giuseppe; Weidel,Elisabeth; Empting,Martin; Hartmann,Rolf W.; (2015). Catechol-based substrates of chalcone synthase as a scaffold for novel inhibitors of PqsD. European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry: 90, 351-35902235234 WEBURLS
  • Montero-Calasanz,Mdel C.; Hezbri,K.; Goker,M.; Sghaier,H.; Rohde,Manfred; Sproer,C.; Schumann,P.; Klenk,H.P.; (2015). Description of gamma radiation-resistant Geodermatophilus dictyosporus sp. nov. to accommodate the not validly named Geodermatophilus obscurus subsp. dictyosporus (Luedemann, 1968). Extremophiles: 19 1, 77-85 PubMed
  • Stefanachi,A.; Hanke,N.; Pisani,L.; Leonetti,F.; Nicolotti,O.; Catto,M.; Cellamare,S.; Hartmann,Rolf W.; Carotti,A.; (2015). Discovery of new 7-substituted-4-imidazolylmethyl coumarins and 4?-substituted-2-imidazolyl acetophenones open analogues as potent and selective inhibitors of steroid-11?-hydroxylase. European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry: 89, 106-11402235234 WEBURLS
  • Kaba,Hani E.J.; Maier,N.; Schliebe-Ohler,N.; Mayer,Y.; Müller,Peter P.; van den Heuvel,Joop; Schuchhardt,J.; Hanack,K.; Bilitewski,Ursula; (2015). Identification of whole pathogenic cells by monoclonal antibodies generated against a specific peptide from an immunogenic cell wall protein. Journal of Microbiological Methods: 108, 61-6901677012 WEBURLS
  • Karch,Andre; (2015). Standardized surveillance of prion diseases in resource-poor settings is crucial for individual patient-care as well as for decision-making of healthcare authorities. Journal of Neuroscience in Rural Practice: 6 1, 4-5 PubMed
  • Schrank,S.; Kann,B.; Saurugger,E.; Hainschitz,M.; Windbergs,Maike; Glasser,B.J.; Khinast,J.; Roblegg,E.; (2015). The effect of the drying temperature on the properties of wet-extruded calcium stearate pellets: Pellet microstructure, drug distribution, solid state and drug dissolution. International Journal of Pharmaceutics: 478 2, 773-77803785173 WEBURLS
  • Mohr,O.; Schink,S.B.; Eckmanns,T.; Krause,Gerard; (2015). Tuberculosis in public ground transport - is there enough evidence to justify contact tracing?. Expert Review of Anti-Infective Therapy: 13 1, 1-3 PubMed
  • Gamache,B.; Leist,Sarah R.; Bard,A.D.; Logan,D.W.; Carpanini,S.M.; (2014). 27th International Mammalian Genome Conference meeting report. Mammal Genome: 25 5-6, 195-20114321777 WEBURLS
  • Miralinaghi,P.; Schmitt,C.; Hartmann,Rolf W.; Frotscher,M.; Engel,M.; (2014). 6-Hydroxybenzothiophene ketones: Potent inhibitors of 17?-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase type 1 (17?-HSD1) owing to favorable molecule geometry and conformational preorganization. ChemMedChem: 9 10, 2294-230818607179 WEBURLS
  • Wensing,A.; Gernold,M.; Jock,S.; Jelkmann,W.; Geider,K.; Beck,A.; Jansen,Rolf; (2014). 6-Thioguanine biosynthesis in Erwinia species. Acta Horticulturae: 1056, 165-167
  • Sommer,Roman; Exner,T.E.; Titz,Alexander; (2014). A Biophysical Study with Carbohydrate Derivatives Explains the Molecular Basis of Monosaccharide Selectivity of the Pseudomonas aeruginosa Lectin LecB. PLoS ONE: 9 11, e112822 DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0112822 HZI repository PubMed
  • Mullen,L.; Adams,G.; Foster,J.; Vessillier,S.; Köster,Mario; Hauser,Hansjörg; Layward,L.; Gould,D.; Chernajovsky,Y.; (2014). A comparative study of matrix metalloproteinase and aggrecanase mediated release of latent cytokines at arthritic joints. Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases: 73 9, 1728-173614682060 WEBURLS
  • Nuss,Aaron M.; Schuster,Franziska; Heroven,Ann Kathrin; Heine,Wiebke; Pisano,Fabio; Dersch,Petra; (2014). A direct link between the global regulator PhoP and the Csr regulon in Y. pseudotuberculosis through the small regulatory RNA CsrC. RNA Biology: 11 5 PubMed
  • Wang,Hui; Tomasch,Jürgen; Jarek,Michael; Wagner-Döbler,Irene; (2014). A dual-species co-cultivation system to study the interactions between Roseobacters and dinoflagellates. Frontiers in Microbiology: 5, 311 DOI: 10.3389/fmicb.2014.00311 HZI repository PubMed
  • Bohla,D.; Herold,M.; Panzer,I.; Buxa,M.K.; Ali,T.; Demmers,J.; Kruger,M.; Scharfe,Maren; Jarek,Michael; Bartkuhn,M.; Renkawitz,R.; (2014). A Functional Insulator Screen Identifies NURF and dREAM Components to Be Required for Enhancer-Blocking. PLoS ONE: 9 9, e107765 DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0107765 HZI repository PubMed
  • Nieter,A.; Haase-Aschoff,P.; Linke,D.; Nimtz,Manfred; Berger,R.G.; (2014). A halotolerant type A feruloyl esterase from Pleurotus eryngii. Fungal Biology: 118 3, 348-357 PubMed
  • Osswald,C.; Zaburannyi,N.; Burgard,C.; Hoffmann,T.; Wenzel,S.C.; Müller,Rolf; (2014). A highly unusual polyketide synthase directs dawenol polyene biosynthesis in Stigmatella aurantiaca. Journal of Biotechnology: 191, 54-63 PubMed
  • Daranagama,D.A.; Liu,X.; Chamyuang,S.; Stadler,Marc; Hyde,K.D.; (2014). A multiple gene genealogy reveals phylogenetic placement of Rhopalostroma lekae. 186 4, 177-18711793155 WEBURLS
  • Neuhaus,V.; Chichester,J.A.; Ebensen,Thomas; Schwarz,K.; Hartman,C.E.; Shoji,Y.; Guzmán,Carlos A.; Yusibov,V.; Sewald,K.; Braun,A.; (2014). A new adjuvanted nanoparticle-based H1N1 influenza vaccine induced antigen-specific local mucosal and systemic immune responses after administration into the lung. Vaccine: 32 26, 3216-3222 DOI: 10.1016/j.vaccine.2014.04.011 HZI repository PubMed

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