Scientific Information

The Department for Scientific Information and Internationalisation conducts the following core activities:

  1. Editing of the bi-annual HZI Research Report.
  2. Collation of data from research groups and departments for internal use and for production of offical documentation.
  3. Alliance Initiative "Digital Information" Workgroup membership of Virtual Research Environments (VRE) and Research Data (RD), as well as workgroup membership of DINI-VRE (DINI vForum).


The HZI Library, headed by Mr. Axel Plähn, is an important part of the department providing an outstanding repository of scientific information.


Regarding internationalisation, it is recognised that there is pressing need to maintain and improve a strong international presence and brand for the HZI within the global scientific community and the field of infectious diseases research and biotechnology. Current activities to achieve these goals are as follows:

  1. Seeking out and engaging in strategic partnerships and collaborations to enhance the internationalisation process.
  2. Development of a platform with a focus on infectious diseases research, where it will be possible to search for R&D groups in this field as well as to look for events, calls, fellowships in Germany and other things. 
  3. Maintaining the online Biotechnology focus platform ( and an international programme of events and workshops to facilitate and encourage networking of scientists, R&D results and strategic collaborations.
  4. Coordinating an ever growing alumni network of international "thought leaders" in their fields.
  5. Planning and delivery of training and coaching modules in "International Business Communication Skills for Scientists",  "Technology Transfer Skills" and "Networking Skills".


  • Prof Dr Rainer Jonas

    Rainer Jonas

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