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The PhD Initiative at the HZI

What is DO IT?

DO IT is a PhD initiative by and for the PhD students of the Helmholtz Centre for Infection Research. It was founded in 2002 with the aim to further promote PhD
education and supervision at the HZI. DO IT is the connecting link between the PhD students and the directorial board. We advance the PhD situation and make suggestions for further improvements.


Who is DO IT?

The DO IT team is composed of every PhD student who participates in DO IT and is steered by three representatives. All PhD students elect the representatives for a one-year term.


What does DO IT do?

We get together on a regular basis to discuss and organize projects. The meetings provide the opportunity for all PhD students to participate, raise questions or give suggestions. Major projects are realized with the help of the directorial board and the departments of Public Relations or Human Resources. We constantly exchange ideas and plan activities together with PhDs from other Helmholtz Research Centres and the Max Planck Society. On this basis, DO IT successfully co-founded the Helmholtz Juniors as a PhD initiative for every PhD within the Helmholtz Association.


What has DO IT achieved?

Through its achievements and good support by the HZI, DO IT has evolved into a role model among the PhD initiatives within the Helmholtz Association.

DO IT has achieved so far:

  • Thesis committee for every PhD student
  • DO IT room for social and professional activities
  • Follow up contracts for successful PhDs
  • Ombudsmen for PhDs
  • Soft skill courses for PhDs:Bioinformatics, Job application, Project management
  • Lecture series: Grant writing, Job Opportunities


The current projects

Annual events:

  • PhD retreat
  • Welcome dinners for new PhDs
  • Award the “Supervisor Of The Year”
  • Attend the Helmholtz Juniors meeting
  • Attend the meeting of the Helmholtz Association
  • Summer BBQ

Ongoing projects:

  • Soft skill courses for PhDs
  • Redesign the DO IT website
  • Job Opportunities, 2nd season
  • Implementation of an Alumni network
  • Writing articles for the InFact magazine



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